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Lovely Pizza

The first restaurant in town to introduce a foreigner dish in their menu and to make it the highlight of it. The...
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L’Opera Italian Restaurant

Located directly in the banks of Ynya Lake outside of Yangon, you will find this restaurant run by two cheerful and easy-going...
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Parami Pizza

Parami Pizza is a new restaurant chain in Yangon, that is planning to expand soon to other parts of the country. With...
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Pizza And The City

After many months travelling around, stepping inside Pizza And The City, thanks to the smells and the flavors, really felt like home....
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Tritonis Cafe & Restaurant

The fresh air of the Mediterranean sea, with its traditions and flavours, landed in the north of Thailand. In this country, Alex,...
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Street Pizza

Dream big and work hard to realize it, in the end always pays off and this is exactly the case of Street...
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Restaurant Don

Maybe a little out of a usual backpacking budget, but in any case definitely worth of note is Don, the best Italian...
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While passing by Forlí, the romagnian city you might know because of the renowned game Assassin’s Creed, you may not want to...
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Pizza OK

On the main street of Arad you will find a nice pizzeria named Pizza OK. The local is not so big, but...
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