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La Marsu

During my stay in the most known & amazing beaches of Senegal, Cap Skirring, I had the pleasure of staying at La...
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Masira Island Resort

A little oasis in the north of the unspoiled and wild Masirah, this resort is probably the best choice for a comfortable...
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Pine Hill Resort

Pine Hill Resort opened its doors already 20 years ago in a small town in the south of the Shan state, Kalaw....
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Huen Kam Fah Resort

If you are tired of small hotel rooms, that most of the time don’t even have a window and are located in...
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Ramo Resort

Based directly on the river, and quite close to the city center, you will find this new resort, opened only five months...
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Eden Eco Village

If you want to disconnect totally from the city and just enjoy the countryside of Cambodia, the best place that you can...
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Park & Pool Resort

After a month traveling nonstop through Thailand, getting to Park & Pool Resort has been little less than finding an oasis in...
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