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Serbia on the grill: Pljeskavica

Travelling few months around India one of the things that sometimes I miss the most is the possibility to eat a great and cheap dish of meat. Thinking about it in the last days, came to my mind one of the best and tastiest meat dish that I’ve ever tried in Eastern Europe, the serbian Pljeskavica.


    Original name: пљескавица

    Country of origin: Serbia

    Also common at: All over the Balkan countries



It looks like a large american burger, but the taste is thousands times better. Usually it’s made with a mix of two or more different kinds of meat, choosing between beef, pork, lamb and veal. After it’s cooked, of course on the grill, it is served normally with onion, but you can eat it accompanied with other side dishes like fries or salad, as taste.

It’s usually mixed with sauces such as kymak (milky cream), ajvar (pepper sauce) or urnebes (spicy mix sauce). Or even better the way that I preffer, buying it in a street stall where they serve it inside of serbian pogacha bread filled with the side dishes that you like the most.


    Approximate price:

      120 RSD / unity
      ( ≈ 1 € / unity )


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