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Smile 4 Us project


One of the things that hit us harder during this long journey, it was how easy it was to find happiness in all these countries that we visited, all of them much poorer than the western world.

Walking around depending on which neighborhoods, you can find many homeless people, others mutilated, malnourished children and in other really difficult situations to deal with. However, generally there is something that costs them much less than us Westerners: to smile and to be happy.

At first, we enjoyed just spending hours, and days actually, talking to a lot of these people and sharing moments. There was no better way to spend a day than filling the afternoon playing with children, swapping stories and opinions with elders in the typical village square or ending up being invited to have coffee or even to sleep at a family house. Of course, traveling mostly by hitchhiking and sleeping in the tent, in temples or Couchsurfing, helped the cause, because there was no way to disconnect from their reality.

The result was that after weeks and months, we realized that many of us, Westerns, are the ones who really disconnected from the true reality. Today, it seems that if we do not have a very smooth skin, two cars and a motorcycle, a new Smartphone from this very same year and a large so on, we can not be happy.

This is the life lesson that we got knowing all these people.

And that is why we decided to start this project. It was all about trying to capture that happiness, those smiles. Direct photographs. Simple photographs. Real photographs.

And today finally, after more than 10 months capturing smiles though all the latest countries that we have passed by, we start the project excited. For now, we have begun with a few photographs of India, Laos and Myanmar, but with time we will fill not only these countries but also will upload many pictures from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is a pity that we did not come up with this idea and did not start before when we were Turkey, Palestine, Jordan or Armenia. But as the proverb goes, better late than never.

I hope you enjoy as much seeing them as we did taking them. If we manage to transport you for a moment to those neighborhoods and streets of all these countries, we will be already satisfied. And even more, if watching these pictures make you realize how lucky you are and that with much less you can be equal to or happier, we will not be able to ask for more.

Jordi & Eugenia
November 2016

A quick glance to the project