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Sweet sticky rice with mango

As you will see traveling around Southeast Asia, all over this region the main aliment used in the cooking preparations is by far the rice, never mind if it’s for cooking salty dishes or sweet ones. For this reason, a food post including rice couldn’t miss on the blog and the one we chose to write about is the sweet sticky rice with mango, one of the most famous and yummy desserts that you will have the chance to taste travelling around here.


    Original name: ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง (Khaoniao mamuang)

    Country of origin: Thailand

    Also common at: Laos and all over Indochina region



In every corner of any street and in the menu of every restaurant you can find this simple, but really tasty dessert, which is the perfect conclusion for your meal or for a break during your visiting.

Even if the name would be Sweet sticky rice with mango, usually it’s called ‘Mango sticky rice’ to make it shorter.

The main ingredients of this plate are just three: fresh mango, sticky rice (glutinous rice) and coconut milk. The rice is steamed and successively incorporated with a hot mixture of coconut milk, sugar and salt. After some time cooling down, it will be ready to be served with the mango. Being the mango actually the real star of the plate and the coconut sticky rice the complement, the preferable period to try the dish it is when mangoes are at their best, which in Thailand usually is between April and June.

The best way to eat it, or better said, how locals eat it, is using the hands. So don’t be shy and just grab some sweet sticky rice; you will be surprised how nice is the sensation to be able to mold the rice as modeling clay, compact it with your fingers and eat it followed by a slice of fresh mango.

The contrast between the rice, that is served warm, and the freshness of the fruit will make you fall in love with it!


    Approximate price:

      40 THB / unity in any street stall
      ( ≈ 1 € / unity )


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