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Not everything is tea in Turkey … Try the Turkish coffee!

Because when traveling is as pleasant to taste typical meals as it is to taste typical beverages, which one would be better for the first drink in the blog if not the legendary Turkish coffee?

The coffee arrived in Turkey, at that time still part of the Ottoman Empire, in the mid-sixteenth century. Although sometimes you might think that is a specific kind of coffee bean, what really makes it unique is the way to prepare it. Nowadays is an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO and is commonly found throughout all the Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans and North Africa.


    How to prepare it

  1. Grind coffee beans until they are totally turned to dust.
  2. Put the cevze (the typical Turkish coffee maker) to medium / high heat and add a cup of water for every cup of coffee you want to do.
  3. Add two teaspoons of ground coffee per person and do not stir it.
  4. If you want to add sugar or spices, such as cinnamon or cardamom, this is the moment.
  5. When the coffee starts to sink and the water is hot enough to melt the sugar, you should stir it until foam begins to appear, always taking care that the water does not reach the boiling point.
  6. After this, the coffee will rise almost to the point of getting out of the cevze and we will have to remove it from the heat and wait for it to go down in order to put it back into the fire.
  7. We can repeat this a couple of times and it will be ready to be served.
  8. Finally, to serve it we will start dividing the foam among all the cups and then filling them up with the coffee.


    How to serve it

It is served in a small cup (the size of the Italian espresso) and is accompanied always with a glass of water and usually with a small Turkish sweet.



As a curiosity, I want to finish saying that the remains of the coffee were used to read the future of the person who had just drunk it. Basically consisted in putting the coffee cup upside down on the saucer and let the sludge cool down. After a few minutes, once the coffee remains had dried in the saucer, following tasseography patterns, supposedly could be interpreted and found logical sense to the different figures that appeared in the saucer.


    Approximate price

      1 TL / unity
      ( ≈ 0.33 € / unity )


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