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Where to withdraw money in Cambodia

While traveling long-term or for a long holiday, it’s obvious that you will not bring with you all the cash that you will need for your trip. So, sooner or later, will arrive the moment where you will have to withdraw money from the ATM.

How many times you tried more than one bank because they were trying to charge you with an unreasonable commission? For this reason, we decided to write this short, but we think so useful, post about banks and the commissions they will charge when you take money from them.

While our trip in Cambodia we tried to withdraw money from different banks and down here you will find the list of their names and their commission fees.

    • ACLEDA Bank
    • Cambodian public bank
    • ANZ Royal
    • Mekong Bank
    • Canadia Bank PLC
    • Cathay United Bank
    • Aba Bank
    • Bidc
    • Union Comercial Bank

    But of course, as always when you look for something you might find it, so in the end we found a bank that did not charge any commission at all while withdrawing money: Maybank.

    On the left, US dollars, the currency you will be using daily if you want. On the right, the bank that will help you save a little!

    This Malaysian bank is quite extended in Cambodia, so luckily there will be one of their ATM’s near your hotel. Or if not, you can always withdraw money from any other ATM knowing already the commission fee.

    As always, the situation can change but when we stayed in Cambodia, May and June of 2016, it was like this. And if you can save some dollars and instead of paying the commission you spend them on a beer, why shouldn’t you do it, right?

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