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Write this name down to eat it all the time: Zeit w Zataar

Traveling through Palestine and Jordan I kept on seeing and they kept on offering me this typical food of the area. As I saw it all the time, because they eat for breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner, I tasted it and felt in love with this simple dish. Here it goes!

    Real name: زيت و زعتر (In Arabic alphabet)

    Country of origin: Palestinian territories

    Name’s meaning: “Oil and Zataar” in Arabic



  • Olive oil
  • Zataar
  • Bread



It is a mix of spices (thyme and sesame), herbs (marjoram, oregano, cumin and fennel) and salt.


    How to eat it:

Putting a piece of bread in a bowl full of olive oil so it gets impregnated and then putting it in the bowl with Zataar, so it gets sticked to the bread.



Instead of eating it like this, you can also bring your own olive oil and Zataar to a bakery so they will mix it, put in the oven, and will give it to you ready to eat it. The result, called “Manaqesh Zataar”, is what you can see in the picture that opens the post.


    Approximate price:

      0.25 JD / unity
      ( ≈ 0.3 € / unity )


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